Swann Wi-Fi Sensor &Amp; Alarm Kit

Swann Wi-Fi Sensor &Amp; Alarm Kit
Brand: Swann
Color: White
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Swann Wi-Fi Sensor & Alarm Kit Senses Key Movement - The Motion Sensors detect the movement you care about - from people & can be mounted inside or outside. Easy to Use - If a door or window is opened, disrupting the magnetic connection between the Window/Door Sensor & Receiver, you can activate/deactivate remotely using the app. Scare Off Intruders - Once paired together, Swann’s Wi-Fi Alert Sensors trigger the Siren with audible options for a voice to say “Sensor triggered”, sound a ‘ding dong’ or ‘beep beep’, or a traditional siren sound (up to 80 decibels). Perfect for Renters - Do-it-yourself with ease. The sensor mounts with double-sided adhesive. No need to drill walls. Ideal for apartments & rental properties. Complete Peace of Mind - Always know what’s happening & be protected with mobile phone notifications & Indoor Siren. Visual Alerts - Siren can light up for a visual alert with or without sound. Control it all in the app. Build Your Own Security - Connect on the Swann Security app & add additional Swann Wi-Fi sensors, cameras & accessories to fit any home, apartment or business for complete security. Depth: 20 MM Easy Install - Connect in minutes No Hub Required - Easier setup Wi-Fi 2.4GHz - Use your home network Batteries Powered - Batteries included (AAA x 2) Weatherproof - Durable casing for indoor/outdoor use with weather resistant IP66 rating Detect Entry - Detects the open status of windows and doors Auto Tiggers - Sensors detect activity Smartphone Control - Control sounds using the app Detect Motion - Wide 110° detection area Warn Intruders - Indoor Siren emits audible alerts Height: 56 MM Width: 46 MM