Sykes-Pickavant 96021100 | SP Induction Heater + Flameless Heat 110 Volt

Sykes-Pickavant 96021100 | SP Induction Heater + Flameless Heat 110 Volt
Categories: Accessories, Magnets
Brand: Sykes-Pickavant
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New 110 Volt version designed with site work in mind, where only 110 Volt power is permitted. All Sykes-Pickavant Induction Heaters use high frequency magnetic fields to create induction heat. When ferrous metallic objects are placed inside these magnetic fields, they heat up in SECONDS -expanding the metal which allows for fast and easy release. Provides safe and near instant heat for site work, construction and factory maintenance users, providing a small, fast and flexible tool in place of open flame options when heating components Time saving tool ideal for use in all environments and makes the completion of on-site risk assessments far easier Includes features as per SP Induction Heater + Specifically designed for the UK/EU: 110v/6 amp/1000 watt with full CE certification Includes rope, u-form & pre-formed coilPlease note that Sykes-Pickavant may require additional time to assemble, calibrate or source certain products/components from their production facilities. Once you have placed an order we will always notify you if a delay is applicable, however if you require your order to be sent urgently we recommend that you call our customer service team who will be happy to advise whether we can meet your specified time frame.