Synology HAT5300 - Hard Drive - 8 TB - SATA 6Gb/s

Synology HAT5300 - Hard Drive - 8 TB - SATA 6Gb/s
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Brand: Synology
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Synology HAT5300 is designed to tackle demanding,high-volume workloads. Optimized specifically for Synology storage solutions,its design enables high sequential throughput,maximizing the number of concurrent clients the system can sustain. HAT5300 series drives are engineered for maximum dependability. Scale up confidently Synology HAT5300 drives are engineered to provide fast and dependable performance,even for a large number of clients. Firmware and software collaborate to ensure maximum performance,delivering high sequential read performance. HAT5300 provides outstanding performance for large-scale video surveillance,multimedia post-production and enterprise file server environments. Maximum endurance and reliability Combined with data protection solutions running on Synology systems,you can confidently depend on your data 24/7 using HAT5300 series drives. Simplified maintenance DSM updates will ensure that compatible Synology drives will be updated together with the operating system. This reduces the number of maintenance sessions IT teams need to schedule while also increasing the entire system’s service availability. Simplify IT infrastructure planning requirements by getting support for the entire system from Synology.