Tectake Cat Tree Scratching Post Dominik - Black

Tectake Cat Tree Scratching Post Dominik - Black
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with this fantastic cat tree by tectake, your pet will have hours of enriching fun. A cat tree is a great highlight for any cat. with a cat tree, cats can optimally sharpen their claws while your furniture remains untarnished, along with climbing and staying active. This cat tree also incorporates numerous sleeping places, such as the relaxing hammock or cave house. Cats are curious animals and love to have an overview of everything - so the high level viewing platform is perfect to satisfy this for your kitten. 3 hanging mouse toys on elasticated branches allow your cat or kitten to play, pounce and attack. The scratching posts are fitted on numerous different levels, allowing cat to find a scratching post that suits their individual needs. This also means there is room for all your purring pets to play without too much squabbling. Get this cat tree by tectake today and provide your cats with an activity centre which allows them to express their natural instincts. Features and Benefits 1 small cat house for your cat to withdraw to Several levels 3 toy mice The tree distinguishes itself through a robust build Specifications Dimensions: H:144 x W:35 x D:49 cm Colour: Black Guarantee: 2 Years Material: Sisal, MDF Model Number: 401435 Self Assembly Required: Yes