Tectake Cat Tree Scratching Post Hansi - Beige/White

Tectake Cat Tree Scratching Post Hansi - Beige/White
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A cat tree which reaches all the way to your ceiling is a dream come true for any cat. This towering scratching post will provide your cat with a fantastic activity centre where they can play, climb and jump. The cat tree conists of numerous different features at varying heights which reach all the way to the ceiling. The supporting pillars are wrapped in sisal rope, ideal for satisfying any kitten or cats scratching needs. The cat tree also features hanging rope toys, adventure tunnels and lounging hammocks, which help your cat to express and enjoy itself. This large scratching post is rounded off with 2 cosy houses, one at low level and one up high, which allow your pet to take an important cat nap after a day of playing on their cat tree. Features and Benefits 2 cat huts for your cat to withdraw to, multiple levels 3 viewing platforms to lay on and relax The tree distinguishes itself through a robust build Height: approx. 240-260 cm Sisal rods: Diameter: approx. 8 cm Specifications Dimensions: H:260 x W:45 x D:60 cm Colour: Cream Guarantee: 2 Years Material: Sisal, MDF Model Number: 401639 Self Assembly Required: Yes