Tectake Cat Tree Scratching Post Marcel - Black

Tectake Cat Tree Scratching Post Marcel - Black
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Your cat will love this beautiful and practical cat tree. The scratching posts offer optimal ways to play and sharpen claws whilst the cat cave can be used as a retreat. Your kitten can reach his or her cave on the first level via the stairs. Right next to the cave there is a hanging toy cord, perfect for attacking and playing with. Your cat will also find a hole on the first floor to reach the comfortable hanging hammock. The round hammock that is set slightly higher is the perfect place to hang out and nap. Above the large second floor where your cat can really stretch out, there is a tube which your cat will love to climb into. Finally comes the observation deck at the top at 141 cm. From there, your cat can casually observe the entire home room, satisfying their natural curiosity. Your pet can sharpen their claws on the hard-wearing mixed posts that consist of a plush-sisal combination. All in all, this is a very extensive cat tree that leaves no cats desires unfulfilled, but is still small enough to not dominate the room. Get this cat tree come activity centre for your kitten today. Features and Benefits Lots of playing and cuddling options and great lookout spots Pretty and practical scratching post with lots of ways to play, sharpen claws and relax for your cat Despite many highlights very space-saving. Total dimensions (LxWxH): 105 x 60 x 141 cm. Fits into every apartment setup Durable combination of plush and sisal Sisal columns have a diameter of approx. 6.5 cm Specifications Dimensions: H:141 x W:60 x D:105 cm Colour: Black Guarantee: 2 Years Material: Sisal, MDF Model Number: 401855 Self Assembly Required: Yes