Tectake Cat Tree Scratching Post Snooky - Grey

Tectake Cat Tree Scratching Post Snooky - Grey
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with this extravagant cat tree from tectake, even the most energetic kitten will get its money worth. Pipes, sleeping berths, a viewing platform, a cat cave, a hammock and sufficient sisal posts to sharpen claws all provide varied entertainment on several levels. Another benefit of providing your cat with a good scratching post is it will most likely leave your furniture untarnished (however there is no guarantee!). The base and the flexible ceiling post give this construction additional stability and security. Thanks to the size of the cat tree, there is plenty of space for all of your cats, or if you have just one particularly special pet, this large activity centre will be a real treat! Hiding, scratching, playing or sleeping: this large cat tree from tectake will leave no feline wish unfulfilled. Features and Benefits Several areas for playing Toy mouse on elastic 2 ropes 2 soft hanging beds Robust scratching posts Specifications Dimensions: H:261 x W:70 x D:218 cm Colour: Grey Guarantee: 2 Years Material: Sisal, MDF Model Number: 403917 Self Assembly Required: Yes