Tedder Silent Wall Clock

Tedder Silent Wall Clock
Categories: Decoration, Clock
Brand: Mercer41
Color: brown,yellow
Size: 80.0 H x 80.0 W x 7.0 D cm
499.99 GBP
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Unique design & handmade product: Give your home a luxurious flair with this statement wall clock. Entirely handcrafted, inspired by a traditional style but made with modern techniques resulting in a true artisan timekeeper. This mirror clock comes in gold, both glamorous and beautiful. The embellished carved clock face and designs adorn this wall clock. The gorgeous, round patina frame and Roman numerals gives an antique, unique charm. The design of the clock features traditional floral motifs, inspired by European cultures, which further elevate the vintage style of the clock. The vintage-style wall clock is an exciting and practical accent in any room while being a decorative element. Display it in the office, kitchen, living room, bedroom and dining area, and any other area of the home.