Terma MEG Fully Thermostatic Heating Element Chrome - 300w

Terma MEG Fully Thermostatic Heating Element Chrome - 300w
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Brand: Terma
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The Terma MEG Element has 5 heat settings from 30c to 60c regulating the internal radiator temp, denoted by 5 LEDs. No Timer. No 2hr drying function. Compatible with external Timer as remembers settings when off. 66mm length from thread down. 55mm diameter clock shaped face. 300mm internal probe length. 3x Buttons: Power, Temp +/-. Frost & overheating protection. Straight cable, no plug. IPx4 (safe for use in bathroom). Class 1. Wattage Selection Advice: To correctly choose the right wattage of element for your towel rail or radiator, you should look at the output of the chosen radiator as central heating (hydronic) in watts and choose an element with the wattage closest to that figure. If the output of the chosen radiator is only listed in BTUs, the conversion formula is BTUS / 3.41 = Watts. Features and Benefits Electrification Advice: When making the decision to electrify any towel rail or radiator it is important to check with the manufacturer of that model that it is suitable to work with a heating element. Not all towel rails or radiators are suitable dependant on their design and how the heat will cycle internally around the rail, so avoid electrifying certain models as they won’t work and this will not be the fault of the element. Dual Fuel Advice: If you are buying a heating element to convert a towel rail for use as dual fuel (electric in the summer and central heating in the winter) it is important to remember to regularly bleed the towel rail, as on a central heating system air can build up inside. A heating element should never be run in the open air as this could potentially cause the surface of the rail to get extremely hot and burn your towels. This is just the same as you would not run a kettle dry, so remember to regularly bleed to avoid any risk.