Terron Mounted Bird House

Terron Mounted Bird House
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: brown,white
Size: 34.0 H x 14.0 W x 18.0 D cm
157.99 GBP
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This handmade multi-species cedar wood bird box is fitted with an ultra high resolution camera that offers a ’top down’ live video of the nesting chamber. The pitched roof nesting box can also be used as an open fronted bird box to attract robins and wrens by removing the center hole panel. The ultra high resolution colour camera with infrared (IR) night vision and audio produces colour images during the day and black & white images in low light levels. The weatherproof 3 core cable carries the audio, video and 12v power. The TV connection is RCA CVBS Video (yellow) Audio (white) with optional SCART connection, a 12v regulated mains power plug is also included. This product is ready assembled and very easy to set up. It may be necessary to drill a hole through your house wall to bring the cable indoors. Cable Length: 30 Metres