Tp Link Mercusys Halo H30G (2-Pack)

Tp Link Mercusys Halo H30G (2-Pack)
Brand: TP Link
Color: One Colour
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TP Link Mercusys Halo H30G (2-Pack) Halo works as a unified system to guarantee a strong WiFi signal in every corner of your home, providing an incredibly fast and stable network experience. Halo H30G provides a better solution to customize your WiFi to fit your house, letting the WiFi grow as your needs change. No more sudden signal drops or lagging WiFi when you’re walking around the house. Adopting the well-designed signal amplifiers and receivers, Halo H30G effectively amplifies signal transmission power and captures signal more rapidly, greatly improving the distance of signal transmission and the signal strength of each of your WiFi devices. Every unit of Halo WiFi System offers fast speed dual band WiFi, delivering combined speeds of up to 1.3 Gbps. Halo H30G harnesses the power of two separate AC1300 units, delivering super-fast seamless WiFi for up to 100 devices. Featuring MU-MIMO technology, Halo keeps your phones, computers, and all IoT devices connected simultaneously. Halo H30G supports Beamforming technology to detect devices, even if they are far-away or low-powered, and concentrate wireless signal strength towards them, making your connection more stable. No need to distinguish LAN/WAN ports with WAN/LAN Auto-Sensing technology, reducing time and effort. Halo H30G makes full use of your ISP internet access and transfers data to wired devices at lightning-fast speeds for peak performance with full gigabit ports which are 10× faster than Ethernet ports. Powerful parental controls help you easily manage your kids’ online time and contents to create a healthy online environment for the development of minors. The MERCUSYS app also helps you manage your WiFi anywhere you are through your iOS or Android devices. Depth: 88 MM One Unified Network With advanced Mesh Tech, Halo units work together to form a single unified whole home network with one WiFi name and password Automatically switch between Halos as you move around your home, always getting the best signal to enjoy the fastest connections for all your devices Whole Home Coverage – Blanket up to 2,800 ft² (260 m²) with high-speed WiFi, eliminating WiFi dead zones at your home. 1.3 Gbps Dual Band WiFi – Halo H30G provides fast and stable connections up to 100 devices with speeds of up to 1,300 Mbps Easy App Control – Use the MERCUSYS App to quickly set up and manage your WiFi. Full Gigabit Ports – 2× Gigabit ports per Halo unit for lightning-fast wired connections Height: 88.5 MM Width: 89 MM