Triga Vertical Flat Panel Radiator

Triga Vertical Flat Panel Radiator
Brand: Terma
Color: white
Size: 170.0 H x 58.0 W x 8.2 D cm
982.89 GBP
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This is an electric radiator supplied with the element, smartphone-controlled, fully thermostatic element and a round clock face style head in matching silver. Full operational control on smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth, with a choice of internal temp (30°C to 60°C) or ambient room temp (15°C to 30°C) regulation, 7-day timer functionality. Also includes 2hr drying function whereby radiator will turn off automatically when the time has elapsed. The bright copper colour has a metallic, smooth texture. This type of colour is unique for electric radiators. The element will be pre-fitted to the radiator the app is free to download, available for IOS and Android. IP x5 (safe for use in the bathroom). Radiator Colour: White