Vidalux 2 Person Hybrid Sauna With Traditional & Full Spectrum Infrared Complete Heat

Vidalux 2 Person Hybrid Sauna With Traditional & Full Spectrum Infrared Complete Heat
Brand: Vidalux
Color: brown
Size: 190.0 H x 120.0 W x 120.0 D cm
3899.99 GBP
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The Vidalux range of groundbreaking Hybrid 3 in 1 combination of Traditional and Full Spectrum infrared home saunas is unrivalled. Nothing else on the market can offer the same level of health benefits, innovation or leading design that seem to come effortlessly to these sleek and modern-looking saunas. Vidalux’s innovative ‘Complete Heat Technology’ looks to deliver the best and healthiest sauna experience by combining both high-quality FAR carbon heaters together with quartz embedded Full-spectrum heaters while the traditional stove offers an option for an authentic Finnish sauna experience. Alongside this patented technology, you’ll find a soft-touch digital control panel, chromotherapy starlight’s and a whole host of media options, the vast improvement against a ’normal sauna manufacturer’ are immediately apparent in this ultimate rangeHigh-grade Canadian hemlock, non-toxic, high durabilityAssembles in less than 30 minutes - Simply click togetherVidalux’s Digital soft-touch control panel with Bluetooth, FM radio and USBHigh-quality twin stereo speakers fitted3KW Traditional Sauna Stove15kg of sauna stonesWater bucket, Ladle, Sandglass, Hygro-thermometerVidalux’s ‘Complete Heat Technology’ Nano-Carbon Crystal Wall HeatersVidalux’s ‘Complete Heat Technology’ Full Spectrum Carbon Fibre Ruby Quartz HeatersVidalux’s ‘Complete Heat Technology’ Nano-Carbon Crystal Foot Heater with extra strength grillTemperature range 20┬░C - 60┬░CAdvanced internal thermostatAutomatic timer functionMedical Grade 7 Colour Starlight Chromotherapy lamps with remote controlFull tempered and toughened safety glass with 60cm Aluminium designer handleErgonomically designed curved comfort backrest"Return to Nature" Forest Ionizer5 years body warranty on registration Complete Warranty - subject to registration