Wacom DTK2260K0A Cintiq. Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Wacom DTK2260K0A Cintiq. Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Categories: Accessories, Magnets
Brand: Wacom
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Make it on Wacom CintiqnWacom Cintiq is a creative pen display that helps you bring your ideas to life on screen. Vibrant color, HD clarity and ergonomic design combine with the super-responsive Pro Pen 2 to take your work to the next level. nnWacom Cintiq in a nutshell:nIncrease your productivity with the powerful screen and pen combination. 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity give you amazing precision.nThe pen reacts to the tilt of your hand and accurately responds to each movement, immediately.nThe 1920 x 1080 full HD display is built for creativity, with anti-glare, reduced parallax, foldable legs and more to make your work flow easier. Plus, it’s durable and scratch resistant.nnFeatures overview:nWacom Pro Pen 2 offers precision and control – with 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, low activation force and tilt recognition.nNever need to charge the pen – EMR (Electro Magnetic Resonance) technology draws power from your Wacom Cintiq.nComfortable in your hand – weight-balanced, rubber grip and easy reach of the side buttons.nGet easy access to your favorite software’s shortcuts – with the pen’s programmable side buttons.nAvoid distracting reflections as you work – thanks to a layer of anti-glare film.nSee your cursor appear exactly where you would expect with reduced parallax.nRely on Wacom Cintiq day after day – thanks to durable, scratch resistant materials.nReduce fatigue in your arms and shoulders – with enough room to rest your hands while you draw.nGet into the perfect position – a pair of foldable legs let you adjust how you want to work. An optional stand gives you even more controlnSee every detail of your work – the 1920 x 1080 full HD display gives you all the clarity you need.nWork in vibrant, but realistic color – with 72% of NTSC color gamut.