Wall Mounted Magnetic Chalkboard 75cm H x 75cm W

Wall Mounted Magnetic Chalkboard 75cm H x 75cm W
Categories: Accessories, Magnets
Brand: Legamaster
Color: black,gray,white
Size: 75.0 H x 1.0 D cm
114.99 GBP
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Great ideas need a lot of space. This chalkboard makes it possible to create huge, connected writing surfaces. You can create entire chalkboard walls from floor to ceiling, a continuous chalkboard strip on the wall or intricate chalkboard patterns with the space-up writing surface. The chalkboard tile is magnetic and can be easily written on with board markers and wiped dry again. The tile is frameless so that you can easily continue writing on the next board when using several modules. Mounting To mount the board-up module on the wall, you only need to attach magnetic plates with screws to the wall at the right distances. The magnetic chalkboard is then fixed to the magnetic plates with the backside so that you can change the tiles later on as you like. In this way, you can create an individual tile pattern by attaching additional board-up modules. It can be placed at any angle and on edge or horizontally on the wall.