Wonderwall Air Artsmart 700 Watt Electric Infrared Panel Heater

Wonderwall Air Artsmart 700 Watt Electric Infrared Panel Heater
Brand: Klarstein
Color: white
Size: 60.0 H x 120.0 W x 5.0 D cm
266.66 GBP
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With smart technology to feel-good warmth: the Wonderwall air art smart infrared heater not only brings highly efficient and space-saving pleasant warmth into any room but also gives the room a new shine and colour with its printed graphic design surface. The Wonderwall air art smart infrared heater revolutionises heating with modern technology. Super flat, you can hang the heating panel like a picture directly on the wall, where it immediately performs its warming service in an extremely space-saving way. With its 700 watts of power, it makes use of the principle of solar heat thanks to IR comfort heat: instead of slowly heating the air, it emits pleasant infrared heat rays that directly warm people and objects in the effective range of about 14 m². At the same time, your new electric heater is extremely energy-efficient: a full 98% of the absorbed power is not converted into heat rays. And because the Wonderwall only works with heat rays, no dust is raised and no noise is generated - making it the ideal choice for allergy sufferers and for use in noise-sensitive areas such as offices or bedrooms. With its design surface with graphic print, it is not only a source of warmth but also a decorative eye-catcher for any room. Now even smarter: the new Wonderwall air art smart infrared radiant heaters can be connected to the local wifi network and can then be controlled from anywhere via app experience. With the swipe of a finger, you can easily give commands to one or more devices at the same time. Of course, the heating panel can also be controlled completely manually on the device. With a thermostat and thoughtful features like auto shut-off and open window detection, the infrared heater meets even the most demanding needs. An adjustable weekly timer allows you to program heating times for each day of the week; its flat design, fast heat output and space-saving wall installation naturally predestine it especially for use in the bathroom. Therefore, the Wonderwall air art smart is also fully protected against splashing water with the protection class ip44.