You Garden YouGarden Dianthus Gem Garden Ready Plants

You Garden YouGarden Dianthus Gem Garden Ready Plants
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This prolific flowering dianthus will produce a mix of red, pink, purple and white blooms set against luscious green foliage. Its compact and dwarf growing habit makes it ideal for your beds and borders, this dianthus also prefers a sunny spot in your garden where it can thrive. It is a real cottage garden favourite - and as a hardy perennial is provides a sweet scent that is loved by bees. Features and Benefits These gorgeous flowers will brighten up your garden during autumn and winter Beautiful blooms of red, pink, purple and white are set against luscious green foliage Its compact and dwarf growing habit makes it ideal for your beds and borders Plant your dianthus in a sunny spot where they can thrive! Specifications Delivered as a pack of 20 garden-ready plants, ready to pot on and plant out Availability: September to October Planting time: September to January Flowering time: November to March Model Number: 401180 Care Information Give your plugs a little attention on arrival - unpack them immediately, and either mist them or stand them in water for an hour - they may be slightly dry or yellow after being in a dark box in the post, but they’ll quickly recover. If you can’t do this, they can sit in Mini Greenhouses for a week if upright and not too wet. We recommend that you leave them to settle for a day somewhere warm, light and airy such as a windowsill or greenhouse. When you’re ready to pot on, use a good quality, multi-purpose compost, and fill 3-4in pots (7-10cm). For great results, we recommend using our Windowsill Planters or 9cm pots in Shuttle Trays. Make a hole in the compost with a dibber or your finger, then holding each plug by its root ball, place it into the hole and gently firm the compost around it. Give your plants a good water initially, then only when the top compost starts to dry as they don’t like to be left in standing water. Grow on either on a bright windowsill or a greenhouse for 3-4 weeks before potting up into containers or into flower beds. If planting directly into flower beds when all risk of frost has passed, prepare the ground well, removing weeds and digging in some compost or well-rotted manure if your soil is not already rich. Plant approx. 20cm (8in) apart to allow them room to grow. Feed using a high-potash feed such as Blooming Fast Superior Soluble Fertiliser for Flowers & Fruits, to encourage flowering.