YouGarden Geranium 'Zonal Ultimate Red' Plug Plants

YouGarden Geranium 'Zonal Ultimate Red' Plug Plants
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Zonal Geraniums are among the very best plants for containers and make a great border display too. Providing good height and incredible colour impact to your summer displays, they bring interest to beds and borders as well as making a perfect centrepiece for baskets and patio containers. With its abundance of large, fabulously rich scarlet flowers and deep green leaves, ‘Zonal Ultimate Red’ really is a top-performing plant in beds, borders and containers. Fabulous planted in large groups and easy to look after. Zonals are so named because of the burgundy-coloured half-moon pattern that develops on the upper surface of their leaves, however, it is the strong lollipop-shaped flowers that deservedly capture your attention. Each flower head contains literally dozens of individual flowers together making a display that will last and last. They are incredibly strong-growing and vigorous, flowering throughout the whole of the summer months and right through until the autumn. Features and Benefits Cabaret Red is a classic Geranium that will simply burst with vibrant red colour all summer long. Geranium Zonal Ultimate Red x 40 Plug Plants Ideal for beds, borders, hanging baskets and patio planters Flowers: June - October. Pot on for about 3-4 weeks before planting Supplied as a pack of 40 plug plants Specifications Supplied as 40 Pro Plug Plants, ready to grow on before planting out. Availability: March to May Planting time: March to June Flowering time: June to October Model Number: 490085 Top Tips Deadhead regularly to maintain flowering. Care Information Planting Advice: Unpack plugs immediately and stand them in water for an hour. Plugs may be slightly dry or yellow after being in a dark box in the post, but they’ll quickly recover. Put them somewhere warm, light and airy such as a windowsill or greenhouse. Plant straight into containers and grow on for a week or two before placing out. Give your plants good water initially, then only when the top compost starts to dry. They don’t like to be left in standing water. Plant approx. 20cm (8in) apart to allow them room to grow. Feed using a high potash feed such as Blooming Fast Superior Soluble Fertiliser for Flowers & Fruits, to encourage flowering. Deadhead when flowers fade to encourage more flowers.