Zipper MOS125 1250 W Petrol Mobile Brush Cutter - Green & Black

Zipper MOS125 1250 W Petrol Mobile Brush Cutter - Green & Black
Categories: Decoration, Poster
Brand: Zipper
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The Zipper MOS125 Mobile Crusher is suitable for trimming around trees, fence posts, along walls, and for all-around garden maintenance making quick work of any garden tasks. The all-rounder Zipper brush cutter is made for general garden maintenance. It removes the disadvantage of using straps and carrying heavy machinery. It also takes away the strong hand vibrations that come from long-term use of two-stroke engine machines and also the need for side-to-side cross pan movements which cause back pain and fatigue. Designed with comfort in mind the Zipper MOS125 comes with a belt that doesn’t cut in the shoulder making your garden tasks as comfortable as possible. Features and Benefits Adjustable - The Mobile Brush Cutter has an adjustable moving head for mowing along walls and fences. Comfortable - Designed with a belt that doesn’t cut in your shoulders the Zipper MOS125 takes away the need to move from side to side preventing back pain. Easy to Maneuver - Comes with 2 large wheels you can easily move the Zipper MOS125 around with comfort. Specifications Colour: Green & Black Materials: Steel Large Wheels Adjustable Mowing Head incl. 2-thread Head Air-cooled 1-Cylinder 2 Stroke engine with Centrifugal Clutch Weight: 13.8 Overall Dimensions: H:92 cm x W:44 cm x D:102.5 cm Guarantee: 1 year