Bulb Xenon Vision 85126VIC1

Bulb Xenon Vision 85126VIC1
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Xenon OEM bulb D2R 85126VIC1 Philips Xenon Vision replaces one defective lamp and has the same color as the lamp you leave thanks to the new technology for single lamp replacement. That is why this is an ideal and affordable replacement lamp! Specifications:

  • Ideal as a replacement lamp
  • Up to 4300K
  • ECE approved
  • Per Unit Quantity: 1 hallmark : No E-mark Guarantee : 2 years Type: Xenon Lamp Parameter : D2R Lumen: 4400K Bulb Type: D2R (gas discharge tube) Voltage [V]: 85 Rated Power [W]: 35 Socket Type: P32d-3