Hauck Auto Close N Stop Safety Gate - White

Hauck Auto Close N Stop Safety Gate - White
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Brand: Hauck
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This self-closing door gate from Hauck is the perfect solution for not letting your little one’s exploration stress you out. Thanks to the patented magnetic fastening and two-phase indicator, you and your child are always on the safe side.This door gate closes by itself for more peace of mind and safety. It is the ideal solution for child-proofing your home, as soon as your little one starts exploring his or her environment. Autoclose N Stop has a very special feature. The patented magnetic fastening automatically locks the door at any angle of opening. The two-phase indicator guarantees additional, visual security. When it is red, the door is open; in the case of green it is safely closed.This safety gate can be installed in any door or stairway with a width of 75 - 80 cm. Assembly is quick and easy. The safety gate is clamped into place with adjusting screws. It does not require any tools or drilling.The metal gate is easy to open with one hand if you need to go through it. It closes automatically and locks securely afterwards. It guarantees at all times that your child, but also pets, stay in the enclosed area.The Autoclose’n Stop Safety Gate is TÜV-certified and offers optimum safety.Special highlight: With separately available extensions, the gate can be individually extended and used as a stair gate. Do you have a stair railing with round bars? Then you can attach the safety gate next to the extensions of 9 and 21 cm with the separately available Y-spindles.Opening dimensions with extensions:75 - 80 cm = safety gate without extensions84 - 89 cm = gate + 9 cm extension (separate)93 - 98 cm = gate 9 cm extension (separate) + 9 cm extension (separate)96 - 101 cm = gate + 21 cm extension (separate)105 - 110 cm = gate + 9 cm extension (separate) + 21 cm extension (separate)117 - 122 cm = gate + 21 cm extension (separate) + 21 cm extension (separate) Please note: This product is a self-adjusting door/stair gate i.e. tilting of the side part is corrected by tightening the fixing screws in the frame, thus enabling a secure position and parallel fixing of the side parts in the area of the closing mechanism. Features: SAFETY WITH AUTO CLOSE This safety gate for children closes automatically from both sides thanks to magnetic lock. The green/red safety indicator helps keep safe your children and pets PRESSURE FIT The metal safety gate is suitable for doors or stairs with openings from 75 cm to 80 cm. It is fixed with pressure, that means no screws or drilling is necessary CHILDPROOF SAFETY LOCK The double safety lock prevents children from opening the door. Adults can open it with one hand only in both directions, leaving one hand free for the little treasure USABLE ON ROUND STAIR RAILINGS - The safety gate can also be installed on round railings with the help of the so-called Y-Spindles by hauck (sold separately) SELF-ADJUSTING GATE - The initial inclination of the side part is eliminated by tightening the locking screws in the frame which ensures a secure hold and a parallel fixation Specifications: Dimensions: H:77.0 x W:75.0 x D:4.0 cm Colour: White Guarantee:1 Year Model Number: H-59725 Self Assembly Required: Yes