Holts Headlight Restoration Kit 84HREP0031A

Holts Headlight Restoration Kit 84HREP0031A
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Holts Headlight Restoration Kit After a few years the headlights of your car start to get a blurry. yellow appearance. This is caused by exposure to the environment. oxidation of the surface and micro-scratches. This repair kit has been developed for maximum results with minimal effort. The Holts Headlight Restorer Kit has everything you need for a perfect finish. no matter how damaged your headlights are. The simple 3-step kit contains the perfect balance between mechanical sanding and chemical compounds for a professional finish. Simply abrade the oxidised surface. apply the lacquer and finish with our protective sealer for long-lasting clarity. Content:

  • 75 mm drill adapter for fast professional results
  • Pro grade sandpaper: 2 x P800. 2 x P1000. 2 x P1500. 2 x P3000
  • Mechanical polishing head
  • Liquid polish
  • Sealer
  • 2 x large professional microfibre cloths Including: Liquid Polish Guarantee : 2 years Content: Kit application: Headlight repair kit Including: Pro grade sandpaper Including: Mechanical polishing head Including: 75 mm booradapter Including: Sealer Including: 2 x microvezeldoek